Bitcoin Gold   BTG
147.1   kH/s
Zcash   ZEC
45.5   kH/s
Bitcoin   BTC
19.2   PH/s
Monero   XMR
33.6   MH/s
Ethereum Classic   ETC
2.1   GH/s
Bytecoin   BCN
1.1   MH/s
Ethereum   ETH
49.2   GH/s
+ 8 more

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Supported currencies

45.5   kH/s
Bitcoin Gold
147.1   kH/s
49.2   GH/s
Ethereum Classic
2.1   GH/s
19.2   PH/s
1.5   GH/s
1.1   MH/s
33.6   MH/s
10.8   MH/s
84.6   kH/s
2.2   MH/s
42.0   kH/s
170.2   kH/s
Aeon coin
1.1   MH/s
21.0   kH/s
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